About Us





Since 2017-
blanchou is a children's lifestyle store, a small shop that embodies a beautiful mix of different cultures and aesthetics. We are a team of two Korean-Canadian moms: the founder/owner, Ellena, who has worked as fashion buyer in Europe for several years and the co-owner, Grace, comes from design and small business background.
We appreciate all things that are beautiful, high-quality, inspiring and ethically-made for our little ones. We love the idea of having a 'small but quality selection that can be fully enjoyed' by both the children and parents. Our shop offers a curated collection of whimsical, playful yet comfortable pieces from the most beloved brands around the world - including small independent Korean brands. Each piece is carefully hand-picked and you will find quality pieces that can be well loved then passed down to friends and family.       
Whether you are looking for a completely new outfit or the one special item that has caught your eye, we are here to assist you and provide a personalized shopping experience! Please feel free to reach out for any questions and we welcome you to come visit our shop located in Thornhill, ON (close to North York).
Our Products
Our selections are known for modern and effortlessly stylish designs with many of them being gender-neutral styles for boys & girls. You will find exciting pieces that do not compromise on comfort and quality.                                                                
Our products from Korean brands are ethically made in Korea and KC (Korea Certification) approved to ensure the quality & safety of products. Most of the clothes are made using 'washed' fabrics or have gone through 'garment washing'. This process provides a softer hand feel, cleaner fabric and minimizes the first wash shrinkage, so your little ones can enjoy the clothes even better!